Jill Smith is a multi-disciplinary artist born and based in Toronto. Her recent work explores intimacy and labour in the maker-object relationship, as well as the connective possibilities of material. With a curiosity of the capacity of material to hold meaning, Jill recreates objects that allude to familiar forms as a way of archiving memory. By recontextualizing often domestic objects and archetypes, her work calls into question how one both exists and performs in relation to the objects/bodies directly around them.

Smith has exhibited work in spaces across Ontario, such as The Brandscape, VSVSVS, and Forest City Gallery, as well as Friends and Neighbours Gallery in Montreal, Quebec. Smith holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors Specialization in Studio Art) from Western University in London, Ontario, and has participated in artist residency programs at AGA LAB in Amsterdam, NL (September 2017), and Luminous Bodies at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto, June-July 2018).

Smith currently has work available through Samara Contemporary.

Contact ~ jillpsmith95@gmail.com

Thank you to the Toronto Arts Council for their support.

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